Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)
Due to our founding history as Spin-Off Company we are still linked very closely to the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS). SERIS is the leading solar research institute in the tropics. We supervise students with their work on solar off-grid applications and in projects about the next COMMLIGHT® generation. It is great to be backed up with this infrastructure including laboratories for battery testing and climate chambers.

Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)
SMART is a major research enterprise established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in partnership with the National Research Foundation of Singapore (NRF) in 2007. The SMART Innovation Centre aims to bring the market definition closer to technology development, by having each selected project worked on by a team that, in addition to the researchers, includes either an entrepreneur or a venture capitalist right from the start. Without the grant award we got from them and support from Howard Califano of SMART the COMMLIGHT® would not exist. They believed in our concept and from the beginning helped us to fund the development and prototypes and supported us with access to their partner network.

United Nation – Sustainable Energy Acces for All Practitioner Network
As part of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, the United Nations Foundation has formed a global Energy Access Practitioner Network. The Network focuses on household and community- level electrification for productive purposes, incorporating specific market-based applications for health, agriculture, education, small business, communities and household solutions. COMMLIGHT® became member of the practitioner network from the first day. We highly appreciate their support with conducting our Indiegogo campaign for villages in Cambodia and are both contributors and benefit from tapping into their broad know-how and network.

BOPhub and World toilet organization (WTO)
Both NGO’s are located in Singapore with the aim to transform poverty into sustainable inclusive business that improves the quality of life at the Base of Pyramid. They are very present in South East Asia and we cooperate together in Cambodia to improve people’s lives in the remote rural areas. The village Toek Laak in Campong Chhnang is the first that has now light in the evenings at important streets, the village dwell and health center. Without having Bunleang Kong and his team from WTO on the ground this would not have been possible.

EDB Singapore (Economic Development Board)

The EDB is the lead government agency for planning and executing strategies to enhance Singapore’s position as a global business centre and grow the Singapore economy. It is responsible for designing and delivering solutions that create value for investors and companies in Singapore. In this way, EDB seeks to create economic opportunities and jobs for the people of Singapore, and help shape Singapore's economic future. EDB supports COMMLIGHT with the Quickstart Loan Program for Startup companies in Singapore.