Indiegogo Campaign

Community lighting for Cambodia
This is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project undertaken to kick-start the COMMLIGHT® production and to bring the product into the market. While a start-up company may typically seek investors for its funding, we decided in a first phase to embark on a different and innovative route that not only brings in the funding and ensures visibility, but also creates impact and most importantly, brings social uplifting to an underdeveloped community.

The project is conducted in partnership with the Asian NGOs Base of the Pyramid HUB (BoPHub) and the World Toilet Organisation (WTO). Together we collected 7.779 USD to bring light to the village Toek Laak in central Cambodia. They will be placed along the roads leading to important community locations such as health centers, schools, water wells and temples.

This project resonates with our vision to enable safety, life quality and productivity for people who live and work in areas beyond the grid or stable electricity supply. All the funds gathered through public donations will be used by us and our partners to produce ship and install the lamps in Cambodia. The money collected for the non-profit campaign went wholly towards electrification in Cambodia and help to bridge the gap between the have and the have-nots of Asia.

To connect the reality of the contributors’ impact on the Cambodian lives, we have set up a Google Map which pin-points the locations at which the lamps are proposed to be installed. As the funds have been gathered, the lamps light up and the donors have their names geo-tagged onto the lamp that they have helped funded. In this way, people are able to share the joy and excitement of literally lighting up someone’s life and help in the progress of human society.

We are now in process of installing the lights, the first 14 have been installed, 4 more to go.

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