Become a partner

There are many ways to work with us in a partnership. Firstly, as a fast growing company we are always looking for financial partners to support our growth. Secondly, we partnered already with NGO’s in Cambodia to make with little donor money a big impact for villages that are in the dark at night. We have now the know-how & execution power to offer defined projects in developing countries to maximize the impact of your donation in partnership with us and a NGO. For example lighting up a certain remote village in Cambodia for 7000 USD, with involvement from villagers and full feedback report from installation and follow up to our donors (all COMMLIGHTS® locatable on google maps).

Or, if you have a local assembly line, are convinced of our COMMLIGHT® series and see a market with your existing customers, then become our production partner for your own market. Please contact us and share your profile, so that we can start discussions how to team up.